STX 환전
가격 기록
시가 총액
369,967,444 USD
24 시간 권
8,228,148 USD
순환 공급
739,781,894 STX
최대 공급량
2,048,913,388 STX
Blockstack 개요
Blockstack is a new internet for decentralized apps where users own their data. Blockstack's platform helps entrepreneurs and engineers build these apps and deliver better end-user experiences.
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프로젝트 현황
완벽하게 작동하는 제품
동전 시대
7 months
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Muneeb Ali
Muneeb Ali
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Blockstack 뉴스
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Blockstack PBC announced on Jan. 29 the completion of its "Milestone II" that unlocked $6.8 million from its 2017 initial coin offering.
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Instead of relying on its own proof of work, miners under PoX commit Bitcoin, which circulates in the ecosystem.
Muneeb Ali Explains Blockstack's Big Bet on Bitcoin
Blockstack is integrating the security and the incentives of bitcoin to its ecosystem.
Blockstack Pauses App Mining Pilot Due to Challenges in Running Program
Privacy-centric computing network and app ecosystem Blockstack has paused its App Mining pilot due to a range of challenges.
Blockstack's New Consensus Mechanism Creates New Use Case for Bitcoin
Blockstack CEO Muneeb Ali.Blockstack is giving its long-term holders a new way to earn bitcoin.
Blockstack reports insane user growth, but crypto analysts think it's a money grab
Blockstack - a "Decentralized computing network and app ecosystem" - announced in a recent blog post that they hit a massive network milestone of acquiring one million users on the platform, allowing them to unlock $6.8 million in additional funding, per the terms of their 2017 crypto token offering.
'Party Starters': Stellar Event Sees Frank Discussion of Crypto Market Makers
MEXICO CITY - If a startup hopes to release a token without embarrassing itself in the early days, there is one important thing it should do: hire a market maker.
Not a Fee, But 'Long-Term Payment'
The cryptocurrency trading giant denied reports that the payment constituted a listing fee.
Blockstack Will Pay Liquidity Provider GSR to Trade Its STX Token
Blockstack, one of the first blockchain startups to have raised money in a Reg A+ offering, has hired GSR Markets to trade its "Stacks" token.
Binance.US Cryptocurrency Exchange to List NEO and ATOM
The United States-focused wing of leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance will add support for Neo and Cosmos.