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ICO Project Enigma Settles SEC Charges Over $45M Token Sale
SEC.The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has settled securities law violation charges with Enigma MPC, a blockchain startup that raised $45 million in a 2017 token sale.
SEC Nails Enigma ICO: Orders Refund, Registration and Fine
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, recently announced its conquest over yet another unregistered ICO from 2017.The SEC went after Enigma for its 2017 ICO, labeling the capital raise as an unregistered securities offering, the governing body said in a statement on Feb. 19.Enigma settled with the SEC, agreeing "To return funds to harmed investors via a claims process, register its tokens as securities, file periodic reports with the SEC, and pay a $500,000 penalty," the statement detailed.
Enigma's Ethereum-Based Private Smart Contract Testnet Goes Live
The testnet of private smart contract network Enigma has been launched, the developers announced in a Medium post published on June 11.
Enigma Launches Second Testnet for 'Secret Contract' Blockchain
Data privacy startup Enigma is officially launching its second test network for ethereum developers.
Blockchain Startups Aim to Kill the Captcha With a New Anti-Bot Protocol
Two blockchain startups have good news for those tired of teaching AIs to recognize stops signs, announcing a new ethereum-based solution Wednesday that is aimed to tackle the current plague of automated bot nets on the internet.
Enigma Delays Release of 'Discovery' Protocol on Ethereum Mainnet
Engima, the startup seeking to bring privacy to the world of public blockchains, is delaying the launch of its mainnet as part of a wider reworking of its developmental roadmap.
8 Blockchain Projects Enlist Early to Test Secret Enigma Contracts
In a sign of the broad applicability of that idea, as revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, eight diverse blockchain projects will be incorporating Enigma's protocol into their services when the contracts launch later this year.
Enigma's Guy Zyskind: 'I'm Pro-Whatever Kind of Blockchain Fits Decentralization Ideals'
Cointelegraph recently spoke to Guy Zyskind, the founder and CEO of decentralized blockchain company Enigma and graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, about the future of blockchain protocols and where Enigma fits in.
'Secret Contracts' Developer Engima Launches Test Blockchain
A built-from-scratch blockchain aiming to enable private contracts between users has officially entered testing.
Tech Giant Intel Partners With DApp Platform Enigma on Privacy Research
Decentralized application platform Enigma will partner with Intel on privacy research as it prepares to launch its blockchain testnet, the two companies confirmed June 20.