가격 기록
시가 총액
71,293,765 USD
24 시간 권
2,460,307 USD
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618,764,165 POLY
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0.00000 POLY
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Startup Tokenizes $2.2B in Commercial Real Estate Through Polymath
Commercial real estate marketplace Red Swan has tokenized $2.2 billion in real estate through security token platform Polymath.
Polymath Stops Two Projects, Lays off 10 to Focus on Security Token App
Ethereum-based security token platform Polymath will terminate its two planned in-house projects to focus further on bringing securities onto blockchain, the firm announced in a blog post on July 4.
Charles Hoskinson of Cardano partners with Polymath to launch security token blockchain
Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum, is partnering with Polymath as the co-architect of "Polymesh"-a blockchain that aims to become "Layer one" for security tokens, as first reported by Forbes contributor Rachel Wolfson at Consensus 2019.
Charles Hoskinson to Launch Security Token Blockchain With Polymath
Security token platform Polymath will build a separate blockchain for regulation-compliant tokens with an Ethereum co-founder, the company confirmed in a blog post on May 13.
Polymath, Charles Hoskinson Team Up on Security Token Blockchain
Polymath is building a security token blockchain in collaboration with IOHK's Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of ethereum.
Funding Platform SeriesOne Partners With Polymath to Use Its Security Token Protocol
United States-based crowdfunding platform SeriesOne has partnered with security token protocol platform Polymath, according to a press release published on March 19.
Polymath, SeriesOne Team Up to Simplify Security Token Issuance
Security token platform Polymath has partnered with digital securities fundraising platform seriesOne to offer an "End-to-end" solution for security token issuance.
Polymath Tests Show Security Tokens Can Be Compliant on a DEX
Security token platform Polymath has teamed up with Loopring to trial peer-to-peer trading of security tokens on a decentralized exchange.
Glyph Partners With 3 Crypto Firms for Accredited-Investor Checks
Decentralized identity startup Glyph is partnering with a trio of digital securities companies to make their approaches to ID verification more convenient - particularly for accredited investors.
Security Token Startup Polymath Locks up 75 Million Tokens
Despite chilly market conditions, one startup is locking up approximately $9 million worth of its tokens for five years.