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Report: Bitcoin Scam Compromising Google and Target Accounts Came from Third Party App
A recent Bitcoin scam on Twitter that compromised several major companies verified accounts came from a third-party app, tech news outlet the Next Web reports Friday, Nov. 16, citing social media officials.
Police Arrest 8 Over Alleged $68 Million Crypto Pyramid Scheme in Japan
Police in Tokyo have arrested eight men alleged to have run a cryptocurrency pyramid scheme that collected 7.8 billion yen from thousands of victims across the country.
Russia: Sberbank CEO Says Industrial Scale Blockchain Adoption Is 1-2 Years Away
The head of major state-owned Russian bank Sberbank has forecast that blockchain adoption will happen on an industrial scale in one to two years, local news agency TASS reported Nov. 13.
Paul Scholes, Former Manchester United Star, to Support Crypto Startup
A Hong Kong-based startup, is aiming to integrate blockchain technology into soccer, the most popular sport in the world.
US: Acting AG Backed Alleged 'Invention-Promotion Scam' Touting 'Time Travel' Crypto
Acting U.S. attorney general Matthew G. Whitaker has come under fire for his association with an allegedly fraudulent patent company that involved cryptocurrency, U.S. news journal MotherJones reported Nov. 14.
Official Google Account Hacked in Latest Twitter Crypto Scam
An official, verified Twitter account owned by Google has become the latest to be hacked to host a crypto "Giveaway" scam.
Japan: Tokyo Police Arrest 8 Men Allegedly Involved in $68 Million Crypto Pyramid Scheme
Tokyo police have arrested eight men that are suspected of collecting a total amount of $68.4 million in cash and cryptocurrency using a pyramid scheme, Japanese daily newspaper Asahi Shimbun reports Wednesday, Nov. 14.
Report: Google G Suite Twitter Account Compromised to Promote 10,000 Bitcoin Scam
The official Twitter account of Google's G Suite was reportedly compromised to promote a Bitcoin giveaway scam, technology and business news outlet the Next Web reported Nov. 13.The G Suite Twitter account was reportedly hacked to advertise a BTC giveaway scam to the page's more than 800,000 followers.
US Man Fined $1.1 Million, Sentenced to 15 Months for Fraudulent Bitcoin, Litecoin Schemes
U.S. citizen Joseph Kim of Phoenix, Arizona has been fined $1.1 million and sentenced to 15 months in jail for misappropriating Bitcoin and Litecoin from several people, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission reports Friday, Nov. 9.
Austrian Government Supports Blockchain Cancer Research, Screening Tool
The government of Austria is supporting a U.K. cancer research company using blockchain to detect the disease as part of its drive to promote the technology, a press release shared with Cointelegraph confirms Nov. 10.