Cointelegraph Launches Consulting Division To Drive Enterprise Blockchain Adoption, Partners With Insolar and VeChain

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Cointelegraph, the leading publication for blockchain and cryptocurrency news, has announced the launch of its Cointelegraph Consulting division.

The new business sector is focused on advancing enterprise blockchain adoption by helping companies understand the potential of blockchain technology and then matching them with enterprise blockchain vendors to implement solutions.

While the growth of enterprise blockchain is on the rise, traditional consulting firms are just becoming familiar with the blockchain space.

Given Cointelegraph's six years of expertise covering the blockchain industry, the company believes that it is best positioned to boost enterprise blockchain adoption by educating and connecting customers with leading blockchain vendors.

Cointelegraph Consulting is initially partnering with Insolar, a provider of scalable private and public blockchain solutions focused on North American and European enterprise markets, and VeChain, which powers Walmart China's blockchain platform, along with Foodgates' blockchain food traceability program.

Leveraging the Cointelegraph networkWhile the Cointelegraph Consulting division started about a month ago, there is already significant demand from enterprise blockchain vendors wanting to join the network.

Joining Cointelegraph Consulting will help solve this challenge by connecting Insolar with a number of companies in the blockchain space seeking a solution like theirs.

"We've done a lot of work with consulting firms like PwC and Deloitte, which have played a critical role in getting companies like Walmart to understand the potential of blockchain technology. However, Cointelegraph has a deeper involvement in the blockchain space, which is likely to help us gain clients specialized in blockchain seeking a public protocol."

Like Insolar, VeChain will also support Cointelegraph Consulting by creating use cases and business models to educate companies on the benefits of public blockchains for enterprise adoption.

"We want to push for adoption of public blockchains, as most enterprises believe that private blockchains are a safer choice to implement. By working with Cointelegraph Consulting, we can make this solution more visible to companies interested in learning more," explained Feng.An ever-expanding businessWhile Insolar and VeChain are the first technology firms to partner with Cointelegraph Consulting, Dain expects about 20-30 more service providers to join the network in the coming year.